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The Jackrabbit Factor. Portal to Genius.

  • Authors: Leslie Householder & Garrett B. Gunderson
  • ISBN: 978-0-9816749-2-6
  • Pages: 375
  • Focus: Business Startup
  • Website:
  • Recommended by: Ron E. Porter

Book Summary

Garrett B. Gunderson’s new book, Portal to Genius, continues Leslie Householder’s colloquial allegory, entitled the Jackrabbit Factor, to follow an up and coming business man and his family as they use the power of thought to reach their goals.

Householder laid the groundwork for this new story in 2005 through her homespun tale of a husband and wife as they wrestle with financial uncertainty and the stress of the financial unknown. Protagonist Richard gets into a spat with his wife and subsequently seeks solace in the outdoors near his house. He falls asleep, and his dream becomes a vehicle for lessons about attaining what we want. Householder postulates the there is a universal natural law in which our desires are drawn to us as we positively focus on our goals. In Richard’s case, he observes many allegorical business men and women settling for less than their dreams (choosing metaphorical sandwiches over rabbits) simply because they don’t think that they are able to get more. Householder’s main teaching is that one must imagine oneself getting the desired achievement, and it will be naturally drawn towards the person. Householder’s story ends with the young family finding a newfound resolve to stay positive and visualize their aspiring outcomes.

Gunderson has piggybacked on the principles taught in the Jackrabbit Factor to carry the story forward and watch the family apply the principles from Richard’s dream through career shifts, career changes, setbacks, and revival. Gunderson celebrates the use of natural talents and abilities as his characters thrive in their respective passions. The story often refers back to Richard’s paradigm shift in the woods, and Gunderson shows how the strategy of envisioning and reaching dreams applies across all walks of life, including physical health, careers, family relationships, and overall satisfaction. Gunderson closes the story with the seasoned Richard teaching his son about the natural laws of achieving goals; Gunderson encourages all readers to apply the lessons of leveraging passions to reach financial and familial success.

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