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BoomStart Picks 2010 Selections

May 18th, 2010 by admin

BoomStart, mentorship-driven investment, has picked MashWorx as a portfolio company. Mormon Entrepreneur founder Mark Mugleston is excited to work with John Richards, Martin Frey, Warren Osborn, Josh James. See the complete list at:

Mormon Entrepreneur Goes Live

September 10th, 2009 by admin

I’m thrilled for this moment.  Mormon Entrepreneur is online and the first issue is a go.  For those who are new and are wondering what this is all about, this project has three essential goals: (1) un-tap the great, (2) engage the aspiring, and (3) create community.  455 people are following us on Twitter, so we’ve got a good start at the community.  The beauty of this first issue is that it nails goal #1.  Bill Kelly from, Jack Hadley from ClarityWorx, and Bill Karren, the principal engineer of Lochsa who built the Wynn and Mandalay Bay Casinos, are the highlights for this issue.  Are you struggling to find means of utilizing social networking media in your company?  Or, are you interested to hear a Harvard MBA grad respond to the question, “is a BYU MBA as good as Harvard’s?”  The answers are in this issue.  Welcome to Mormon Entrepreneur.

Mormon Entrepreneur has a new logo

August 3rd, 2009 by admin

The new Mormon Entrepreneur logo combines simplicity, stability, and elegance.  Not only does it convey the tone and style of the project, but it also serves as the beacon for the aspiring who may get down at times and forget who the Mormon Entrepreneur is..

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