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Mormon Entrepreneur is currently run by skilled editors, photographers, and proofreaders–all volunteers. If you are interested in this project, you may find that your entrepreneurial or journalist skill set matches up with one of our needed roles.

Please review the roles below to see if one suits your skill set. If one does, email us at editor at mormonentrepreneur dot net and we’ll get you started.

1. Transcriptionists. I find the process of going through scriptures and text line-by-line helps me crystallize knowledge. I think this process is akin to revelation. Journal writing is a very similar process. If you are new to journalism or are unsure where to begin in this project, this may be a good spot for you. You will need read-write access to a computer and some technical prowess.

2. Editors/Proofreaders. The job of the editors is to convert dialogue into typed English. Proofreaders will go through the edited interviews and will polish content clarity, grammar and punctuation. Are you a reader? Or, are you majoring in English or Journalism? This may be an appropriate role for you.

3. Photographers/Graphic Designers (Photoshop, Illustrations, etc). We like to use the nicest pictures for our magazines. Some of this requires going on site and taking pictures of our interviewees, while other times it means that we’ll need you to Photoshop/RAW pictures. Access to digital resources will be most helpful.

4. Interviewers. One of the main goals of this project is to uncover knowledge from great entrepreneurs. A particular type of individual is needed for this role. You must have a passion for entrepreneurship and an understanding of general business concepts. A background in the industry of the interviewee will be helpful as well.

5. Scouts/Head Hunters. We need individuals who are close to our community and who know great entrepreneurs to interview. Some may be entrepreneurs in Utah Valley while others may be students in BYU’s Marriott School of Management, UVU’s Woodbury School of Business, the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business or the Harvard Business School. If you know David Neeleman, Jon Huntsman, or Mitt Romney, we want you on our team.

6. Other Potential Roles (but not quite yet). Videographers, Writers, Flash Developers, Soundbooth Pros, et cetera.


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